SL PRO Dip Station

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Introducing the new standard for Dips: SL PRO Adjustable Dip Bars for 100% performance and no limits for your dips. Guaranteed load capacity for up to 500kg, and a rackmount for zero movement, and 100% stability. 
Adjustable width from 48,5cm to 65cm (12 steps) and adjustable height from 90cm to 150cm (12 Steps)!
  • Parallel Bars
  • Lateral Orientation - full dip freedom to the front
  • Double Cross Beam - NO whip/ bounce of the bars
  • 2 screws to tighten the adjustable side - no shaking
Dip Bar mounting

The mounting for the Dip Bar is only on the right side.

Rack Size Requirements

60x60mm, 70x70mm, 75x75mm, 3''x 3'', 80x80mm

Hole diameter

The hole diameter for the pin needs to be 15mm or bigger.

Bar diameter: 50mm

Bar Length: 43.5cm

Bar Distance: 48.5cm - 65cm

Station Height: 1m - 1.5m

Station Footprint: 1.13m² (1064cm x 1064cm)

The bar comes with inlays to mount it for the following rack sizes:

  • 60x60mm
  • 70x70mm
  • 75x75mm
  • 3''x 3''
  • 80x80mm

The hole diameter needs to be 15mm or bigger.

The SL-Pro Adjustable Dip Bars will be delivered in 1 package of 25kg.

The SL-Pro Dip Station will be delivered in 3 packages of 1x25kg, 1x23kg and 1x31kg.

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Competition standard

The SL-Pro Series complies with all competition standards by Final Rep. 50mm diameter, 500kg load capacity, adjustable in height and width. Designed from athletes, for athletes.


Adjustable Bars

The SL PRO Adjustable Dip Bars enable you to train with competition standards and 100% performance in your Dip Sessions. Individual customization to your preferred dip width from 48.5cm to 65cm, full dip freedom to the front, and a double cross beam for more stability and no whip.