SL Pro 7mm Stiff Elbow Sleeves

Strong support for strong dips. A new generation of elbow sleeves for a new generation of street lifting athletes. Save yourself 5-10kg* more on your total with the SL Pro Sleeves.

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DCSV Approved Equipment

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The SL Pro sleeves are not suitable for inexperienced lifters. Designed for performance not comfort!

The SL Pro Sleeves are a new generation of elbow sleeves to guarantee maximal support for peak performance. The sleeves are available in 8 different sizes. To find a matching size follow the instructions of the size calculator below.

The sleeves come as a pair of two in a mesh bag. We recommended to store the sleeves for 24 hours outside after the first opening if you notice a stronger synthetic smell. The material complies with the latest European 'REACH' guidelines.

We provide a 6 month-guarantee - any production errors or material defects will be assessed on a individual basis!

Hand Wash Only!

Regular shipping times are:

  • 3-5 working days within Germany
  • 7-14 working days within EU
  • 10-25+ working days non-EU

Packages to non EU states come with a customs declaration on the package. Before you order, make sure to check the import regulations of your country to avoid unexpected custom fees.

During the testing phase of our sleeves, all involved athletes could up their dip estimated 1RM by an average of 5-10kg compared to 5mm neoprene sleeves with a similar fit. These values are not guaranteed.

How to measure


Size Calculator:

SL Pro Elbow Sleeves

The size recommended by our calculator is designed for optimal performance and provides a tight competition fit. For a more comfortable fit, please choose one size larger.

7mm Stiff neopren

The sleeves are made of unique combination of 7mm stiff and 7mm soft neoprene to make the strength and support you know from your knee sleeves available for the elbow. The 7mm soft neoprene allows for some stretch to get into the sleeve with just one arm while still offering much more support than any soft material alone could.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tommy Ye
Game changer

Always used the lightweight elbows sleeves, changed to the SL Pros size XL, and now dips are flying :D

Awat Khalid
Excellent Sleeve (For Weighted Dips)

Very good fit,
Make sure to do the measurements,
At first it will be too tight, but will eventually feel better.

Quality is top

i like cats
Satisfied, fits tight but no so hard to put on

Never tried elbow sleeves before so I can’t compare to other models, still very satisfied with the product. Very hard to put on the first Time but after one or two sessions they became much easier to slide up to my elbows. I took the recommanded size for my measurments and I advise people to do the same and not try to get one size or more under to get a tighter fit, it will just be impossible to slide on your arm.

Ana Grimšičar

SL Pro 7mm Stiff Elbow Sleeves

Love it!

Increase my PR from 110kg to 120kg 🔥 + more stability and a save feeling 😊