SL Pro 7mm Stiff Elbow Sleeves

Strong support for strong dips. A new generation of elbow sleeves for a new generation of street lifting athletes. Save yourself 5-10kg* more on your total with the SL Pro Sleeves.

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DCSV Approved Equipment

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The SL Pro sleeves are not suitable for inexperienced lifters. Designed for performance not comfort!

The SL Pro Sleeves are a new generation of elbow sleeves to guarantee maximal support for peak performance. The sleeves are available in 8 different sizes. To find a matching size follow the instructions of the size calculator below.

The sleeves come as a pair of two in a mesh bag. We recommended to store the sleeves for 24 hours outside after the first opening if you notice a stronger synthetic smell. The material complies with the latest European 'REACH' guidelines.

We provide a 6 month-guarantee - any production errors or material defects will be assessed on a individual basis!

Hand Wash Only!

Regular shipping times are:

  • 3-5 working days within Germany
  • 7-14 working days within EU
  • 10-25+ working days non-EU

Packages to non EU states come with a customs declaration on the package. Before you order, make sure to check the import regulations of your country to avoid unexpected custom fees.

During the testing phase of our sleeves, all involved athletes could up their dip estimated 1RM by an average of 5-10kg compared to 5mm neoprene sleeves with a similar fit. These values are not guaranteed.

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Size Calculator:

SL Pro Elbow Sleeves

7mm Stiff neopren

The sleeves are made of unique combination of 7mm stiff and 7mm soft neoprene to make the strength and support you know from your knee sleeves available for the elbow. The 7mm soft neoprene allows for some stretch to get into the sleeve with just one arm while still offering much more support than any soft material alone could.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rosina Spehr
Big recommendation

A completely different feeling! I always struggled to stop the heavier weights on the way down early enough and this is where the sleeves help the most. So for me they are perfect and I definitely feel the support!
But guys, don't size down haha. According to the calculator I could get into XS with help but they were way to tight. Now I have S and they fit perfectly (still need some support to get them on though).

Yasmin Nassl
Really love the sleeves!

Great quality product that really levels up your dips! What’s especially nice about these sleeves is that also very small people will find a suitable size that fits perfectly! These are the first sleeves I own that actually fit, so thank you! In my opinion, there are no better sleeves than KOW!!

Lukas Kraßnitzer
Nothing compares

This is the new era of elbow sleeves! With the stiff material (which no other elbow sleeve on the market has) you experience unreal support while dipping. If you remember the moment you touched stiff knee sleeves and thought „are those legal?“, it’s the same here. The only downside - you might get dehydrated in training because you can’t drink out of a bottle anymore while wearing them. A small price to pay for a big dip in my opinion!

Alex Naperkowski
Easily best sleeves on market

Since I got my own pair of sleeves, every dipsession just feels like a walk in the park! Legit 100 kg doubles were hard some day but with those sleeves it´s just warmupweight, quick and easy!
Seriously I would hardly recommend these sleeves to everyone, who wants to level up his/her dipgame.
Clearly 10/10 would definitely recommend and easily buy again.
I´m very happy with this product :)

Nadine Schulz
Upgrade your Dip to the next level!

Testing these new Elbow sleeves since 2 weeks now and until my summary is that it if you wanna push your Dip to the next level, you shouldn‘t miss these out!

You cannot compare them to any other elbow sleeves on the market, as they are stiff on the inside, which provides much more stability at the bottom position and gets you out of the dip much faster.

It may become a bit more tricky to get them on after you have sweated a bit - so make sure not to buy them to small.

Other than that I can just say, try it out yourself and enjoy hitting new PR‘s! 😃