English-Ebook: Understanding Calisthenics

English-Ebook: Understanding Calisthenics

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"A milestone for the sport of calisthenics and for all calisthenics athletes who strive for perfection."

"Dips are dangerous, pull-ups are only for biceps, and muscle ups are Crossfit. These myths are now a thing of the past. Michael Schulz explains in this book how to train and perform dips over 100kg without getting injured and perform muscle ups in a way that no one would dare to compare to Crossfit. In addition to the basics of Weighted Calisthenics competitions, this book is the first to set standards for evaluating and performing lever skills such as the Front Lever and the Planche. It explains in detail how to use these standards to improve your training and progressively learn skills. Combining biomechanics, functional movement analysis, and training planning, this book shows you a modern approach to hybrid strength training by combining biomechanics, functional movement analysis, and training planning. It takes your calisthenics knowledge to a new level."

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