60min - 1:1 Consulting Session

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Ready to take your calisthenics and street lifting goals to the next level? Our 1:1 Online Consulting goes beyond the standard offering to address specific pain points and provide individualized solutions.

Challenge 1: Uncertainty in Exercise Execution

Many fitness enthusiasts are still determining if they are performing exercises correctly. With our upfront video analysis, we pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed and guide you in optimizing your technique during the 1:1 call.

Challenge 2: Lack of Structure in Training Planning

Creating an effective training plan can be overwhelming. Our experts not only offer comprehensive advice on optimal planning but also assist you in crafting a customized plan tailored to your individual needs.

Challenge 3: Long-Term Improvement and Injury Prevention

Achieving performance goals is one thing, but sustaining them long-term and avoiding injuries pose additional challenges. Through individual screenings in the 1:1 call, we ensure that your training is effective and sustainable.

Experience the benefits of personal guidance from fitness professionals who not only enhance your current fitness but also provide long-term solutions for your challenges.

Book your 1:1 Online Consulting now and invest in your long-term fitness and health!

Create a Google Drive folder. Upload a front, back, and side view (both sides) of the exercises you need to get checked. Make sure that you film the whole process of the exercise including entering and leaving the set up. The full body should be visible. Avoid low-contrast clothing. The videos need to be available 24 hours before the starting time of the call to give the coaches enough time to prepare. If you have a pre-planned training program, upload it as often discomfort is related to your load management.

Create a Google Drive folder. Create a Google doc containing your training goals. Your training goals need to be written down in a prioritized order and as precisely as possible. The call is a training plan ANALYSIS, not a plan creation call. This means you already need to have a basic training structure and plan that can be uploaded to the drive. The format does not matter as long as it is in an understandable structure. In the call, your training plan will be challenged, optimized, and improved toward your goals. To better understand your needs, it is also advised that you upload at least one video per exercise showing the current level of the exercises that you put in as your goals. This call is not suitable for you if you are injured or currently experiencing discomfort in one of your goal exercises. If this is the case, you need to book Package 1.

  • The call has a 60-minute time cap
  • Make sure to enter the Zoom Call on time
  • Make sure you are in a quiet surrounding
  • Make sure you are entering with a device that has a high-resolution webcam
  • Make sure to have a stable internet connection


  • for the Technique Analysis call access to exercise equipment can be of a big advantage as it allows live testing and troubleshooting of movement corrections.

If you cannot make it on time, let us know upfront. Same-day cancellations are not possible. Rescheduling needs to be done at least 2 hours before the call, otherwise it is not possible anymore.

  1. Check out our calendar below
  2. Book your Session at a time that suits you best
  3. Complete your payment*

*payments must be made at least 1 day prior to the scheduled Session

1 hour

For asking questions, receiving feedback, getting comprehensive advice and individualized solutions


Only you and the Coach - 100% focus to you and your individual needs. Based on your choice the session will be recorded and send to you

your challenges - our expertise

Adressing and solving problems is our daily business - it's our profession to provide you with the best possible solution